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The GoPro Fusion 5.2K Spherical Video Camera captures 360° footage that can be used for both immersive video clips and high-quality stills. Because the Fusion captures everything at once, you don't have to worry about framing the shot. With GoPro's innovative OverCapture feature, you are recording a moment in all directions from any single location. In post-production, you have the ability to take this footage and essentially re-record it, re-frame it, and track it exactly to taste directly on your phone. See the video example below of this spectacular feature in action. Additionally, you can create seamless VR content, enjoy gimbal-free stabilized footage, capture amazing in-camera audio thanks to the Fusion's spherical surround sound, and take it up to 16' under water. This camera is ideal for any adventurer and is the perfect companion on vacation.

GoPro Fusion 5.2K Spherical Video Camera

    • Only certain devices are compatible with the Fusion. See GoPro's official list of supported mobile devices here.
    • 5.2K30 is the recommended video setting for enabling 1080p30 OverCapture videos with a large viewing area and a traditional "GoPro feel". 3K60 is recommended for 720p60 fixed-frame OverCapture videos for natural playback in head-mounted displays and for slow motion.
    • For remote control of the Fusion, the GoPro app is required. Learn more about connecting your smartphone to the Fusion via the GoPro app on page 33 of this user guide.
    • Download and install Fusion Studio for easy offloading and editing of your content. Learn more about the Fusion Studio app here.
    • • This GoPro accepts up to (2) microSD cards, which are not included. See this official GoPro SD card compatibility chart for the exact cards to use. 

      Special Note on Sticky Mounts: Sticky mounts are not included with this rental. You may optionally purchase sticky mounts upon checkout. You may keep these sticky mounts and do not have to return them with your rental. If you do return them, no refunds are issued. It is expected that you keep them.

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